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Firebelly toads

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please stay tuned for 2024 clutches! We anticipate sales starting from summer until late fall if we are lucky and get eggs! 

Captive bred unsexed mixed color bombina orientalis 2024 froglets. We ship Mondays and Tuesdays. Please watch tracking via email and be home on delivery. Please email if you want shipping to hub and we will confirm your nearest hub location.  Reach out in an email if you request shipping to hub. Weather warnings will be updated on our website. We may hold your shipment for the safety of the animal for ANY reason if we suspect delivery delays. 

Firebelly toads are communal and love company of others. We strongly recommend keeping them as a single species display animal. They are docile to aquatic fish, snails etc. Have a very secure lid as they are escape artists. A semi aquatic species that enjoys shallow water a lots of climbing and resting areas. These cuties enjoy roughly 30-40% land and the rest water. Firebelly toads are diurnal and appreciate a 10 hour day cycle. Providing low wattage UVB due to their diurnal behavior has been proven to provide a proper metabolism and vitamin absorption. Currently eating daily the first year of life on (Repashy calcium plus) dusted fruit flies, crickets, small roaches, and various sized worms appropriate for their size. They have HUGE appetites.