Local pick up in Saint Paul by appointment

Upon order placement an email will be sent for pick up details. we ship dry good orders most days of the week! Live Orders are shipped Mondays and Tuesdays. Please allow 7 days from the time your order was placed to allow for fulfillment . Tracking is via email

We are proud to bring you the best isopods available.

We have been enjoying isopods since 2019 and want to bring you the same joy that they bring us. Each isopod is hand selected and shipped with the utmost love and care. Place your order today and get lost in the world of isopods!

Why we care

This is a great opportunity into the world of isopod keeping. We are proud to present our terrarium style enclosures. We sell locally at shows and now we’re shipping like this too!  

Here at BiddyBugs we are all about the creature comforts. By replicating nature in the isopod enclosure we are able to start the life cycle process.  We have strategically placed our Biddy Dirt, Rot wood crumbles, leaf litter and moss in very clear square containers. We hand drill vent holes and take great care in our labeling process so you can rest assured you’re acquiring the correct species and morph!

Our thought process behind this idea was simple-Give the best to our customers! Our innovative terrarium style design is great for showcasing in the market and gives the keeper an isopod that is comfortable in an established environment that is favorable to each species we carry. Our rot wood crumbles and leaf litter brings healthy microbes to the soil kickstarting the nutrient cycle. Micro arthropods such as springtails help kick start the biome. Isopods rely on a healthy nutrient rich environment to thrive. Brood carrying females can birth in burrows she creates in biddy dirt or in the forest moss. We start cultures early so they expedite The waiting process of culture maturation. 

Most cultures will have mancae and springtails. Along with all the right stuff to keep from crashing.

Fun fact: providing weekly leaf litter and food top-offs our cultures can live in their mini terrariums for 60 days!
• • • •

With immense gratitude we thank you for your continued love and support for allowing us the pleasure to work with these incredible creatures